Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, it's not 400 years or anything. . .

But there has been a long silence on this blog. I've decided that I need to revive it. There's so much I mean to write down that my kids say and do and other things I need to plan. Then there are recipes I want to remember and other things I want to do. This seems like a good start for me. The only problem is, today there isn't much to tell. Other than this Kayla moment that happened today for the second time in a week.

Me: "Kayla, what do you want for breakfast?"
Kayla: "Mmmm, a macaroni and cheese sandwich."

Really? The bad thing is, she doesn't even eat sandwiches. I really do hope that I can make this a little more interesting . . . soon. But that's all I've got today.