Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankfulness in Pictures

I'm a visual person. Seeing and reading helps me remember. This week, I decided to document my gratitude in pictures.

6th - Getting to share and demonstrate Compassion's Water of Life water filter for kids' church.

7th - An unexpected and fun gift from my husband. Love it.

 8th - Reading with my Kayla girl. She's learning so much so fast.

9th - A fun trip to McDonald's after a really, really trying morning.

10th - An even more fun trip to Atlanta with my friend, Kristen to serve at a Compassion table where around 55 children were sponsored. My second favorite part of the trip is in this picture. The trees in Centennial Olympic Park were absolutely gorgeous.

 11th - There is progress being made in our garage. Finally, we are starting to see the floor again. It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but this whole thing has had me feeling very overwhelmed for a few weeks now. Also, the stuff that was in this spot went to an old friend. I enjoyed my morning visit with her and her baby girl.

12th - I really do love this quote, but that's not what I'm most thankful for about this picture. I love that I have had this truth revealed to me. I also love that I was able to read it this morning BY MYSELF at Starbucks while taking a Mama break.

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