Monday, December 10, 2012

Lessons You Just Think You've Learned

Today the girls and I had the second week of our own makeshift advent. We colored a "Love" ornament and read about the coming of God's special baby. We have been talking about Christmas in America during other time periods, and today we started talking about how other countries celebrate the holiday. We've talked about giving through Compassion's Christmas Gift Catalog and have picked our gift, talking about the difference just a little can make to someone who has much less than we do.

All of this just to point to one truth, really. It's not all about the presents. Not even mostly. Then tonight I decided to close myself in our bedroom and take all their gifts out, making sure everything evened out between them. I looked at all of it laying there and thought, "This isn't enough." Now to my credit, I had forgotten about a few things stashed in other places, but my thinking was still so contrary to what I've been telling my kids for the past month. It's more than enough. And I can't expect them to learn a lesson in their six and three years that I haven't learned in my thirty four.

So tomorrow we will write a letter, not to Santa, but to Jesus. We will tell him the things we want help with. I stole the idea from a blog post I read this morning. This mama will write one, too. We will share our letters and pray for Him to be more than enough.


Teena said...

Very well said.

Would you believe me if I told you I did the same thing? Crazy huh?

I love your blog


Mollie Barker said...

I am so proud of the woman God has molded you to be. You have such a compassionate soul and instill it in our girls. I am so thankful that God in His magnificence planned for you to be my daughter. I love you!

Windy McKenzie said...

Teena, I'm glad that I'm at least in very good company!

Love you, too, Mama.