Friday, February 18, 2011

Things are moving quickly

in the McKenzie house. Our closing date on the house got moved up to next Friday, two weeks early. I only packed the first box today. I'm overwhelmed and excited. There's a lot to do, but plenty of time to do it all. We are extremely blessed to not have any reason to rush this move. On Thursday, we spent a long while in Target picking out Kayla's new bedding and the girls' bathroom. Those two rooms are set, and I think they'll both be very cute.

Lily is talking so much. I feel like I say every week, but it really is just unfolding so fast. Her sentences are amazing, and she's starting to try to read facial expressions for emotion. It's just a really neat thing to watch that little brain develop.

Kayla is becoming a little artist. It has been incredible to watch the evolution of her drawings. She loves to draw pictures of her "cuddly things" and other animals. She's progressing with her phonics and is just being really sweet most of the time. The best thing though is when they both play together in Kayla's room. They have a great time with each other most of the time.

That's the gist of our week. Not a lot of deep things going on right now, but still a lot of growth.

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