Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fasting and Seeking

Today is my second day on the Daniel Fast. It was a somewhat impulsive decision, made after I was trying and failing to curb unhealthy eating and added sugars. At the same time, I was also reading a few different books that had me all worked up but with no direction. This seemed like a good time to fast and seek God's face. All of that being said, at around 4:00 this afternoon, my brain turned into sugar-deprived mush, and my afternoon quiet reading time seemed quite pointless - and impossible. I think I'm just going to blog through this three weeks and see what happens. I'm excited, or at least I was, about the possibilities. I have been struggling with some hard questions about what God has for me to do, and I'm hoping that this short fast will help me find answers. Hoping that tomorrow will bring more complete thoughts.

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